The Omega Green culturing system is the result of testing runs in pilot plants ranging from 100 m2 to 1000 m2. In 2015 we scaled up to 2500 m2 and this is our standard module. With this module we are able to produce different algae according quality standards like GMP and HACCP. The standard module can be multiplied to obtain the necessary economy of scale.
Omega Green focussed on a method to scale up. Large scale algae production is not just multiplying results from the laboratory. Our method to scale up reduces risks and provide the information necessary to generate a profitable businesscase.

Step 1
Commercially interesting algae are tested for outside culturing in small bags.

Step 2
From the small bags, the algae are transferred to an Omega Green bioreactor to adapt to to the daily changing outside conditions. In this stage the right grow condition can be determined.

Step 3
The algae culturing is expanded to 5000 liters under conditions representative for large scale production.

Step 4
The 5000 l cultured algae volume is transferred to the standard production module. This is the beginning of large scale production.